Saturday, 19 September 2015


Dear Rachel,

It's good to know there are others who really do like Coldplay. Some people are too cool for them and that bothers me a little. I have a habit of putting music on a loop until I have driven myself nuts. Presently Why do you only call me when you're high by the Arctic Monkeys is getting some good ear time, along with a few of the best from the White Stripes. That sexy couple know how to write tunes. 

I've been running quite a lot recently which puzzles some people (we currently have night time lows in the late twenties) yet refreshes me. In this heat and humidity and over the distances I am knocking out, I must admit to getting rather sweaty despite wearing cooling shirts and special shorts.  I finish my distance and cross the road to my apartment building feeling uncomfortable and as I ride the lift up to the top floor where my (sweet as) flat is, I argue with myself about what needs doing first. I need a drink, a pee, to check my messages, disrobe and wash (big time). What usually happens is that I do all at once and I end up with the shower running and me sitting on the John, Wee Willie Winkie style (one sock off and one sock on), with a glass of milk in my left hand  and my phone in t'other.  You know, and stuff.

I do have a  superpower, in fact.  Such being the capacity to be grumpy and rude to people all the time and yet still get invited to join social situations. It's the best of both worlds. Did I tell you about my friend's super power? He always has time for people. Always. Always. He is remarkably busy at work but you would never know. He always has time for people. He is funny, quirky, talented and as he informed me on Thursday (when he stopped me on the street to give me a lift to the mall) wears custom made business shirts due to the extraordinary length of his arms. What's more, his name is Michael and he is from Canada. To be so open and giving to others, I've decided, is a superpower (super empowering).

I have had your paragraphs on work crushes on my mind this week. I've seen them, I've had them, I've received them. It made me happy to know that Ben and yourself could talk about them. That shows great maturity. I have long said that many of us (not specifically including yous in this) are just an argument and a couple of beers away from doing something we never thought we would. Our relationships are all we really have as humans. The story of Carl Benz's wife is one of the most gorgeous there is. I'll dig it out when I'm not at Costa on my Vaio. Our connections (what I call relationships sometimes) can also cause a depth of worry you'd never read about in a Hallmark card. I've felt squashed the past couple of weeks but thanks to a string of messages, a promise of coffee and a catch up, my heart is chirping again. It was a messy period. We all got stung. I had to read a text from a friend who said they thought I never wanted to speak to them again when, truth be known, I (wish I) could talk with them all day. All night (less talking, mind...), all morning, all lunchtime.  I had just brought this person a new book, online, to show I still cared - then received the knuckle sandwich on my phone. We're meeting up soon and we will look at each other and smile again. I will make sure of it.

Kayaking yesterday left me happy as there was a group of us slowly drifting up the inlet to what is known as the haunted house. We all laughed and got sunkissed together before landing back at the sailing club for beer and steaks. It's how I like to spend my life. Eating, drinking, being kissed, hearing jokes, in my swimming's togs and without any need to know the time. The happiness overshadowed the fact I learnt my phone is not splashproof.  I BBQed my steaks perfectly and drunk just the right amount of beer. I sat for hours with Irish storytellers who plastered a smile on me which remains to this very day.

You should know that the manager in this cafe I'm in is called Rachel and she looks after me, plying me with cake vouchers and wifi.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, enjoying the company of others and a bottle or two.

Let's keep this conversation going.


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